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Innergchic is a unique writing service that focuses 103% on the inner you. The parts of your story that you try to hide, forget, or have-yet-to-discover. I am a ghostwriter that specializes in self-awareness, teaching you how to be intentional and use vulnerability in your story to produce content of substance that's memorable and motivating to your readers.

My superpower is putting people first and strongly connecting with them through writing by curating high-quality content that will draw clicks, capture attention and stir-up conversations.

I strictly write short books, magazine feature articles and blogs. I can work directly with you or your PR agency to guarantee published content with leading brands, organizations and prominent magazines.

As a BTS book publishing insider for 13 years now, I know firsthand the mistakes, myths, and struggles on how to successfully write, publish, and market a book. This allows me to be your one point of contact during the entire process to keep things simple, stress-free and professional. If you have an appealing book idea and we are a good fit for each other, let's arrange a time to discuss my 3-step process.

My goal is to interrupt your anxiety and genuinely listen to you.

So that you leave feeling heard, understood, and refreshed in your continued journey of self-awareness...ready for your next level of success.

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A few published blogs, magazine feature articles or event recaps I've written for premier digital brands, businesses, or major organizations in various industries.



Nikki Gillis

Hey you! I'm Nikki, a writing confidante for many, ghostwriter for the masses, therapist to some and mommy to one! If we get a chance to connect, ask me how a boom box bookbag, hip-hop music, and one essay got me access granted to write for CEOs, underground artists, entrepreneurs, and many other creatives.

The majority of my clients are NDA (non-disclosure agreement) protected. Therefore, I make an earnest effort to publish work consistently as a contributor writer, blogger or guest poster in different industries.

I have a fetish for buying unique art, shopping for vintage collectibles and an obsession with elephants. I high-key believe in the philosophy that education never stops, so in life you must be teachable and always looking for a way to be a student.

My focus is to remain a rarely seen "publishing insider" of high quality content with a surgical ear for music that feeds the soul!


"Working with Nikki is like sharing your story with your best friend. It's authentic and warmly received. She listens to YOUR VOICE. A business relationship with a personal touch." -Pearlice D. (P3 Weddings & Events)

"What a wonderful experience with Nikki to start my author journey! We had a great time creating and she kept me on point!"-
Duane J. (ADJ Media)

"What I appreciate about Nikki is she's always encouraged me as a writer even though she's a professional writer. The biggest thing is she never tries to take over the project and that's important to me because what I want to say is my thoughts. If you're looking for that writer who can pull out from within what you're trying to say, I don't think you can go wrong with Nikki! -Camille P. (Blue Lotus Healing Touch)

"From start to finish, Nikki was a pleasure to work with. She's personable, professional and extremely easy to have a genuine conversation with. Looking forward to having the chance to collaborate again in the future."
-Keith Manley II (Married At First Sight TV Show-Season 9)

"Nikki who sounds like Beyonce (in my opinion) has that home girl vybe and always makes you feel comfortable. The interview felt like a legit girlfriend conversation but also very professional. It was well written and she captured our essence and energy perfectly."
Mahoganee (Music Recording Artist/Co-Founder of Responsible ARTistry)

"I must say it was a privilege having Nikki share me and my art out there. Her energy and vibe is just contagious in a good way. I will tell anyone Nikki is super talented and easy to work with!"
Simone Agoussoye (Glass Artist)

"From our initial communication Nikki (@innergchic) was prompt, professional and efficient. She was thorough and detailed when explaining the interviewing process. She met her deadlines and communicated effectively. She's written articles on three of my clients and I am very satisfied. She digs deep and tells the story so that readers will enjoy and get to know the subject. I am grateful that we crossed paths. Now, if only she wrote for every publication I pitched, my job would be much easier."
Phyllis Caddell (PCPR Communications)

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

"If you want to read and feel passion on paper, just hire Nikki, her wordplay and creativity is insane!" -(Self Help Bestselling Author)

"When I'm with Nikki, I feel understood. She helps me own being weird and feel good about it! She's played a huge part in the success of my blogs."
-(Fashion Blogger)

"Nikki's a straight shooter! Being in the entertainment industry for 20+ years, I've seen it all, but she's a rare one that's stayed the same from day one. I appreciate that in this "no friends" business. I'm grateful for my time with her and value her feedback."
-(Independent Music Artist)


Thank you for checking out my website and the basics of how I'm helping my community in the writing world. If you're ready to write a short book, unlike any book you've ever written before or you have a project you strongly feel we could collaborate on, feel free to fill out the contact form. Please allow me 48 hours to response.

As always love yourself, try something new and appreciate your tribe!

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