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We're a professional writing service teaching you how to effectively jot within your daily routine of your personal and business life.

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I specialize in outlining, structuring and composing profitable books in 90 days or less for my clients. However, I do offer additional services to accommodate your written needs based on availability and the type of project you need assistance with. 


The Journal


Meet Nikki



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Let's find out how my pen can assist you! 

I specialize in writing short books for my clients. Click on the “see package” tab to find a complete description of what’s included in writing a short book as well as the pricing. For serious inquiries, further details can be discussed during our initial consultation. 


sHORT books

I specialize in writing novels for my clients. Click on the “see package” tab to find a complete description of what’s included in writing a novel as well as the pricing. For serious inquiries, further details can be discussed during our initial consultation.


I specialize in writing e-books for my clients. Click on the “see package” tab to find a complete description of what’s included in writing an e-book as well as the pricing. For serious inquiries, further details can be discussed during our initial consultation.


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See payment plans

01.(Website) Copyediting +proofread current site only

02. All inclusive (Re-brand/ Launch Package Includes) 

03. Blogs only (2 short monthly blogs for 90 days)

04.Blog-Sessions I (monthly subscription of 1 per month, for 6 months; short blogs only) 

Small Business Services

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frequently asked questions

a. Copyediting & proofread current website
b. Revision (changes recommended)
c. Website enhancements (SEO WORDS, TARGET AUDIENCE TACTICS)
d. Starter blogs (3 short blogs on topics of your choice for your new website)

Add-On Services
1. Welcome packets
2. Monthly subscription to blogging for 6 months
3. E-books (How to guide for professionals in your industry)

Frequently  asked  questions

If it’s one thing you can always count on, it’s questions! There’s always something to ask for the inquiring minds. Let me tackle a few of the most common ones asked. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, feel free to email me, ( and I’ll get it answered for you!

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Ready to book?

The quick answer is I capture your voice. I take full advantage of being in your presence to listen to your inner voice for what you don't say that you've always wanted your audience and readers to know. Strategically, I'll compile your education, experience and all the hard work involved in building your brand/business to speak directly to your readers. It will feel as if they just signed up for a free one  on one coaching session with you. This book is the key to seal your success, position yourself as an expert or pro in your industry and immensely profit while growing your audience.

no.6 | how do i get you results?

This also can be located under the services tab, click view payment plans and package. Once we’ve met to discuss your vision, if we’re a good fit for each other a recap email will be sent to you with an overview of our meeting. There are only 2 options with payments; pay in full or pay half the deposit and the remaining balance in interest free monthly installments with a credit/debit card on file to ensure prompt payments. Failure to meet any of the requirements outlined in the recap email and contract will forfeit your project and no refunds are issued. 

no.5 | How does your payment process work?

I strive for all my clients to feel I embraced their vision, captured their voice and wow their expectations. This explains why our initial meeting is thorough and both parties understand the details of the task at hand as to why they’ve contacted me. I provide excerpts of the project along the way, and upon completion of the final draft, I allow three complimentary revisions. If numerous requests are expected, there is an additional charge/fee. I always stress the importance of reading your short contract that I provide. Reading the contract and familiarizing yourself with what is expected of both solves the majority of people’s concerns. 

no. 4 | What happens if I disagree with what you wrote?

I do have set prices that can be located on the services tab. The additional services I offer outside of book writing can be located there as well. 

no.3 | Do you have set prices?

The simple answer is the majority are a secret. Sorry guys, I do not slip up and tell! As a ghostwriter, I give my clients the option to maintain our relationship anonymously for several reasons legally with a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) on file. It's a win win for the both of us because no one knows we've worked together and I get to expand my industries of helping others write without stepping on anyone's toes so to speak. However I'm beyond grateful and appreciative of my clients who do publicly credit my work. 

no.2 | Who have i worked with?

I primarily work with industry leaders or experts in their profession who are busy and don’t have the time to commit themselves to writing a book in 90 days or less. The majority are business CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Public Figures and Creative Entrepreneurs.

no.1 | Who are your ideal clients?

As a writer my process isn’t complicated, filled with jumbled words, or lengthy. If we can keep two things in mind, we’ll be good as gold! Communication and effort are essential for me in capturing your thoughts. Below is the flow of our process.


This is our initial face to face meeting. I meet all my clients face to face for various reasons. For one, I’m an intuitive writer and storyteller which requires A LOT of actively listening to you, your needs, and the type of project you need assistance with. We go over in detail my process, pricing, and timeframe of completed projects. I answer all questions you may have, in addition to being able to show you a few past client’s projects I’ve worked on, and have permission to show that may be similar to your project. We creatively brainstorm ideas for your project. We both will have an idea if we’re a fit for each other in completing your project. I also network with other exceptional writers who may be a better fit and will happily refer you to them. 

The sketch:


This is the official ready, set, go of us working together! I’ll send out a brief questionnaire for you to fill out, giving me a deeper dive into what exactly is needed to complete your project. A recap email is also sent with a summary of our wonderful meeting and an invoice is attached. The signed contract, NDA (if applicable) and your preferred payment, Option A or Option B all at once and returned to me is what officially seals us working together. NO STEPS LEFT OUT! The next step is for you to send or give me any written content you want included in your project such as: notebooks, notes, word documents, etc. Now you can focus on what makes you happy or continue operating your business while I go to work!

The Blueprint:


I’ve been working, researching, and composing your project, now it’s time to
show you a few snippets. This is considered the rough draft phase where I will edit, revise, and
change the writings to your satisfaction a maximum of two times.


The Rough Draft:

This stage is where you can see the finish line!!! There’s just one itty
bitty part to remember guys; I must obtain a reply email from you approving the final draft.
Once I have your approval, the final copy is polished up and ready to go! Please be mindful if a
payment agreement is setup, all payments must be paid in full BEFORE the final copy is sent to you.

The Finished Product: