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We're a professional writing service teaching you how to effectively jot within your daily routine of your personal and business life.

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Our Services

The following packages listed are custom to fit your specific need: 
   1. Tailored to aspiring entrepreneurs and self published authors.

   2. Tailored to small business owners who wish to brand or re-brand.

   3. Tailored to couples and to wedding professionals to seal the deal for that special day!


The Journal


Meet Nikki



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Let's find out how my pen can assist you! 

This area is dear to my heart! I get super excited to help my clients embrace their dream of self-publishing their book soon! We will walk through the process from start to finish with getting your book completely written, polished with editing, and ready for publishing. 

Self -Publishing

Small Business Owners: The bulk of my work stems from this area. It tickles my ears when my clients wish to launch a new brand or re-brand! I'm a phone call away to offer a variety of services to handle the behind the scenes duties so you can continue to wow your customers. My services range from: website copy-content, newsletters, welcome letters, blogging, etc. 

Small Business Owners (SBO)

The highlight of my creativity unfolds in this area. I literally get to wave my hand saying "pen coming through" and it works! I'm on speed dial to serve the bridal party, wedding planners and custom stationery designers. For the couple, we've extended a helping hand by offering custom thank you notes, poems, vow structure and wedding party speeches. For the wedding professionals we offer assistance with website copy-content, blogging, speaking engagements and magazine features.

Wedding Industry

STAY TUNED: Music lab coming soon!




01. Self-Publish/ Ghostwriting

02. Short-books 

03. novels


Professional Writing Packages

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frequently asked questions

01.  Personalized Word Structure of His & Her Vows/Renewal 

02. Bridal Party Speeches 

03. Wedding Industry Blogging

04.Magazine/Newspaper Article Features

Wedding Packages

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frequently asked questions

01.(Website) Copyediting +proofread current site only

02. All inclusive (Re-brand/ Launch Package Includes) 

03. Blogs only (2 short monthly blogs for 90 days)

04.Blog-Sessions I (monthly subscription of 1 per month, for 6 months; short blogs only) 

Small Business Creative Content/
Copywriting Packages

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frequently asked questions

a. Copyediting & proofread current website
b. Revision (changes recommended)
c. Website enhancements (SEO WORDS, TARGET AUDIENCE TACTICS)
d. Starter blogs (3 short blogs on topics of your choice for your new website)

Add-On Services
1. Welcome packets
2. Monthly subscription to blogging for 6 months
3. E-books (How to guide for professionals in your industry)

Frequently  asked  questions

If it’s one thing you can always count on, it’s questions! There’s always something to ask for the inquiring minds. Let me tackle a few of the most common ones asked. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, feel free to email me, ( and I’ll get it answered for you!

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Ready to book?

I highly encourage all potential clients to know why you’re contacting or hiring a professional writer. Even if a client decides not to hire me for their professional writing needs, and decides to go with another writer, it’s always best to fully understand why you contacted them vs writing it yourself, using a neighbor, friend, or colleague to write the material for you. This helps determine if my services are necessary for your project as well as it provides me insight into the type of service you need. I understand how irritating contracts can be, so trust me when I say I like to keep it simple for us both. You’re paying for a service so communicate well with your professional writer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be mindful the more we both keep these jewels in mind: the smoother business will be; and the respect will be there for both to understand the time, quality, and effort put into servicing important clients.  

no.6 | Any words of advice for potential clients?

After our initial meeting, a proposal is presented to the client including the final price. If agreed upon, the deposit is due immediately to secure the spot, block off time on my calendar, and to begin the project outlined by next available date. Payment plans can be accommodated, but aren’t guaranteed; based on the project. No refunds are given at any time. If a client fails to honor contract and breaches payment plan dates, project will cease immediately as is. 

no.5 | How does your payment process work?

I strive for all my clients to feel I embraced their vision, captured their voice and wow their expectations. This explains why our initial meeting is thorough and both parties understand the details of the task at hand as to why they’ve contacted me. I provide excerpts of the project along the way, and upon completion of the final draft, I allow one complimentary revision. If numerous requests are expected, there is an additional charge/fee. I always stress the importance of reading your short contract that I provide. Reading the contract and familiarizing yourself with what is expected of both solves the majority of people’s concerns. 

no. 4 | What happens if I disagree with what you wrote?

I do not have set prices due to all projects are unique and require different strategies. However, my services start at a minimum of $775 for specific ones. Please ask about the particular service you're interested in.

no.3 | Do you have set prices?

I’m a passionate and intuitive writer. This allows me to use my creative touch and stay in my rim. Therefore, anything derogatory, slang, cookie cutter sales or quick and dry is not my style. I happily network with other professional writers and we freely refer clients based on styles of writing. 

no.2 | Who are not your ideal customers?

My repeated customers are individuals seeking to self-publish their own book by having it ghostwritten. I like to inform clients there are two different prices for these books. I also provide written services for small business owners, wedding professionals, and the entertainment industry.

no.1 | Who are your ideal customers?

As a writer my process isn’t complicated, filled with jumbled words, or lengthy. If we can keep two things in mind, we’ll be good as gold! Communication and effort are essential for me in capturing your thoughts. Below is the flow of our process.


This is our initial face to face meeting. I meet all my clients face to face for various reasons. For one, I’m an intuitive writer and storyteller which requires A LOT of actively listening to you, your needs, and the type of project you need assistance with. We go over in detail my process, pricing, and timeframe of completed projects. I answer all questions you may have, in addition to being able to show you a few past client’s projects I’ve worked on, and have permission to show that may be similar to your project. We creatively brainstorm ideas for your project. We both will have an idea if we’re a fit for each other in completing your project. I also network with other exceptional writers who may be a better fit and will happily refer you to them. 

The sketch:


This is the official ready, set, go of us working together! I send out a brief
questionnaire for my clients to fill out, giving me a deeper dive into what exactly is needed to
complete their project. An email is composed with a recap of our wonderful meeting and a
personalized proposal. If accepted, your spot on my calendar needs to be secured with a signed
contract and payment. We’ve been so proactive in the sketching stage that we now know what is
expected from both, discussed pricing, brainstormed ideas, and I have a starting point. All ideas
from you or written content you want included must be given to me at this point. From here, you
get to take a deep breathe, and focus on whatever makes you happy while I go to work. Oh, don’t
forget that little piece of homework I gave you in our initial meeting! Remember to have fun
with it!

The Blueprint:


I’ve been working, researching, and composing your project, now it’s time to
show you a few snippets. This is considered the rough draft phase where I will edit, revise, and
change the writings to your satisfaction a maximum of two times.


The Rough Draft:

This stage is where you can see the finish line!!! There’s just one itty
bitty part to remember guys; I must obtain a reply email from you approving the final draft.
Once I have your approval, the final copy is polished up and ready to go! Please be mindful if a
payment agreement is setup, all payments must be paid in full BEFORE the final copy is sent to you.

The Finished Product: